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    Non-formal Education for Underprivileged

    With 50 Learning Centers catering to over 1600 students across 18 cities, U&I helps increase the employability of women, children and youth from lesser privileged backgrounds with courses in English, tuitions and life skills. Statistics prove that simple knowledge of English in a metro city increases a youth's employability by 400%. With 1500 teaching volunteers, U&I is able to work with these women, children and young adults giving them a better tomorrow.


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    What does it take?

    In addition to guts, some crazy and lots of passion, you’ll help U&I build partnerships locally. You’ll be the ambassador of U&I in your city, inspiring your friends, family, frenemies or anyone you know even vaguely to sign up to be volunteers. You’ll be in charge of the functioning of the Learning Center. You’ll be responsible for changing lives. You’ll be responsible for a revolution. Don’t worry. U&I will have your back. We’ll send our team to give you the resources, structure and tools you need to start the chapter and keep it going. Our Teach managers will make sure you can do your job like the superstar that you are. And they’ll pop in often to cheer you on.

    What's in it for you?

    Well, for starters, U&I will love you forever and always. Not enough?
    Well, okay. You, yes YOU, will be a change maker in your own community. You won’t be yet another person who sits by waiting for someone else to be the change. YOU will be leading the change. YOU will be the change. At the end of the year, you’ll get bragging rights, a certificate commending your work and letters of recommendation for wherever you want to go next. And hearts full of love from the children whose lives you will change forever.

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